Missions & Objectives

CAPITAL GAMES, its missions and objectives

The main objectives of CAPITAL GAMES:

“To make the Video Game industry last and establish it in the Paris Region, to make the industry known, to defend local competitiveness and to create jobs in the sector.”

Our values: cooperation, entrepreneurship, exchange and creativity.

CAPITAL GAMES has structured its activity around 4 axes. Those correspond to the realities of the sector and the daily running of SMEs:

  • Research and Development
  • Exports and the International Market
  • Human Resources
  • Financing

To carry out its missions and to realize new projects, CAPITAL GAMES develops each of these axes via conventions with the public authorities.

With respect to its members, CAPITAL GAMES is defined at the same time as a place of exchange and a partner who accompanies, advises and helps projects to succeed. CAPITAL GAMES acts as:

  • A network, which supports the exchange between professionals who have the same kinds of problems.
  • An advisory board, which directs its members towards the relevant contacts and backs their projects.
  • A partner, who sets up actions to concretely accompany SMEs and their particular issues.
  • A pooled resource centre, which encourages cooperation and allows for economies of scale.
  • A spokesperson, which represents its members and improves the visibility of the industry to the public authorities, the general public and the trade market as a whole.

Paris-Ile de France, European Capital of the Video Game:

More than 30 years of history!

More than 120 developers and publishers, 3,000 jobs, hundreds of titles produced every year, thirty specialized schools:

Welcome to Paris-Ile de France, European Capital of the Video Game!

Parisian Games are everywhere online and are well known for their dynamism, innovation, proposing revolutionary tools and exploring new sectors

Present for over 30 years, Parisian creators have influenced the Video Game on a global scale. Through their technical and artistic talent they are recognized today as pioneers of the industry.

Parisian creation amazes and inspires both manufacturers and users and will continue to do so for many years to come – the ‘French touch’ has permeated and the industry all over the world.